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Services we offer:

In-House Repair:  We fix all things Macintosh®, in or out of warranty. We also work on 3rd party clones by Power Computing, Umax, and Motorola, and service original Apple systems back to (and including) the Apple II. Repair and upgrade services for PC's are also available. $100.00 per hour, minimum 45 minute ($75.00) bench fee for diagnosis.

Priority In-House Repair:  We expedite the repair of your system. (The next available technician will work on your system, ahead of the rest of the queue.) Limited availability. Call ahead, if possible. $150.00 per hour, minimum 45 minutes ($112.50) bench fee for diagnosis.

Data Recovery: Our skilled technicans are experts at all forms of data recovery from failing or failed drives, and we've also partnered with industry leader DriveSavers to provide hardware-level data recovery. In-store data recovery rates are $100.00 per hour for standard service, $150.00 per hour for priority service. DriveSavers rates vary depending on the complexity of the job.

On-Site Home Repair:  One of our technicians will be dispatched to your home for the most convenient repair service possible. $130 per hour, minimum 1.5 hours, portal to portal, plus applicable tollway, mileage, and parking fees.

On-Site Business and Networking:  Typically the best choice for businesses and other institutions, this service brings a highly experienced systems & network engineer to your location to perform server work, network upgrades, onsite troubleshooting and repair services, and other solutions-based consulting. $150 per hour, minimum 1.5 hours, portal to portal, plus applicable tollway, mileage, and parking fees.

Service Agreements:  Like our on-site support? Build a long-term relationship with significant benefits to you and your business by purchasing a service agreement. Essentially just pre-paid service hours at a discount, with your purchase, we'll track your hardware and software inventory for you, keep records of your maintenance and repairs, and develop a keen understanding of your technology needs and workflow, so as to make future visits even more productive. Pre-paid blocks of 10, 25, and 50 hours are available at prices of $140, $130, and $120 per hour, respectively. Also, Service Agreement customers enjoy a one-hour minimum. Call for details.

Training:  Available upon request. For further details, call with your specific needs.

Deliveries/Pickups:  Available upon request. Minimum $35 trip charge.